I cannot connect to my server; what should I do before contacting the Enwebhost support team?

There are the steps you can take to almost always solve your server connection problems by yourself in the case you cannot connect normally using SSH (for Linux servers) or RDP (for Windows servers):

1. Try to connect using Console. it's accessible in your Client Area and then by clicking on 'Manage' button for your server. What you see via Console is similar to your physical PC screen; you can see any error message etc which prevents your server from functionning normally.

2. If Console is also not working, or you cannot solve the problem, try rebooting your server using 'Reboot' button in your Client Area at the same address as mentioned above. Wait some time after reboot to make sure the server is booted thoroughly before trying to connect again.

3. If after reboot you still cannot connect to your server neither normally nor via Console, then most probably your server's Operating System must be damaged. If your data on your server is not important to you, then you can install OS (Windows or Linux) in your VPS Manager. Otherwise, please contact our support team.
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